Lead- Security | Safety | Automation

    Safety and Security have different meanings and dimensions of different businesses. In today’s world, digital security without letting go of the ease of automation has become as important as physical security. One must anticipate a company’s culture and sensitivity to security to design customized check-points and to ensure ease of access while maintaining guidelines on handling products or information.  Amit has nearly sixteen years of experience in the field of Security Safety Automation & Networking Systems with a strong track record of driving digital transformation for enterprises & executing business turnarounds. From Smart Homes to offices, logistics, industries, healthcare, and cyber safety, he has experience of handling diverse needs for different businesses. He holds a B. Tech. degree in Production Engineering from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar & PGDM in IT & Marketing IIMM, Pune. He started his own venture in the year 2008 and has been the driving force in the organization since then.